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Haier Water Cooler Dispensers

Haier WDNSC145 Convertible Water Dispenser and Cooler Review

Haier Water Dispenser & Cooler

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The Haier WDNSC145 Convertible Water Dispenser and Cooler is the preferred brand/model of homeowners because it is one of the trusted names in kitchen and home appliances today. It is the most ideal appliance to ensure readily available clean, refreshing water. This two-piece freestanding Haier water dispenser & cooler can be easily converted into a tabletop unit. All you need to do is to remove its detachable base.  It also features red & blue spout handles so users can differentiate between hot & cold water. Its hot water faucet also has a child safety feature – making it really safe for parents with little ones running around the house. To get hot water, users need to push a tab while simultaneously pushing its handle down. With all that hot water, …Continue to Read Full Review

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